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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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some of those past, but some of those can fall flat in your face. there are so many needs in the area in terms of recreation and supporting passive forms of the park. i want you to take that seriously in all of your budget considerations. thank you all very much. [applause] >> so far we're doing a great job. we want to thank ms. carlo johnson for making sure our folks with disabilities are able to participate in today's conversation. somebody lost their keys of the front. i think it has -- somebody lost their keys and there is also a lost photograph. so far, the final 10 participants for this discussion, two minutes. marlene tran, mary harris, nick
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wolf, eric mersch, carl krammer, charlie skiomis, gazelle gazada, sophia aragi, barbara jonas, gia graham. two minutes. >> good morning, merely, supervisors, a city department heads and concerned residents. last week i have opportunity to
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lobby for what the police chief riposte to train new officers to replace almost 300 officers who are retiring. as you know, public safety in district 10 is our most concerned. as a long-time resident, we know millions are allocated in my district, but who can believe the only dedicated -- dedicated funding for the largest population, that his agents, only get $50,000 to serve such a sizable population. and in 2009 the work force development funded on one-stop at 73 leland avenue. it is hard to believe that residents living around this area do not even though the existence of this site. how can this city continued to fund tens of thousands of dollars to such groups when it
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does not benefits of residence? last year i have opportunity to talk to them, but nothing has changed. please bring transparency and accountability regarding funding for all san franciscans. thank you. [applause] >> mary harris, president of district 11 council and all of my neighbors in action. marlene said what i wanted to say about public say the and the academy class is with the drought program and all of the senior officers ready to retire. we need academy class is in young officers to be mentored by the senior officers. and my second point is recreation and park. it is treated like a stepchild
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in the general fund budget. we now have to play to play. we have become a fee-happy department, and i am very concerned about that. i am also concerned about the new bond measure. i have seen it presented three times, and each time something has been added to put on, it depends on who was screaming the loudest. district 11 is not getting their fair share of the bomb. our historic monument, the only historic monument in district 11 is not being funded. we were told it was going to be $15 million that people could apply to. it has now gone down to five. neighborhoods are getting pitted against neighborhoods for this pot of money. that is wrong. last week, mta. i pay $100 per car because i am told i live near bart.
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i did not your live -- now i have to pay through sunday. i pay my fair share of tickets because i have to work in pacific heights and have to move my car every two hours. i will go to another city to shop, go to the movie, have dinner. that is wrong we have to pay on sunday. but last week, i want to thank mr. lee and chair mcdowell for the fabulous job they did. thank you very much. >> hello, my name is eric marsh from district 11. i think everyone for allowing me to state my piece. i'd represent these ocean view.
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we work hard at these activities come along with all of my neighbors in action, which have great idea for the neighborhood. i believe we have a lot of resources. we are geographically located for people who live in san francisco and commute throughout the bay area. we of a bart line, muni line. unfortunately sometimes we feel we are the forgotten neighborhood. the area i am speaking about is broad street to san jose and randolph from 19th avenue. that whole area. just in the past 18 months we have had three documented shootings. shooting at broad and plymouth on march 9 of this year. a man was shot in the foot. this is on the night super miser
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avalos was there with his children. -- supervisor avalos was there with his children. the next i a man was shot in the head. if you drive down you will see about five but doenitnut rings k by a man driving a car. it is almost like the wild west. we appreciate using the resources to help us revitalize our neighborhood. thank you. >> good morning. i am a member and live in the ocean view. i wanted to talk about st. luke's. on thursday, there was a presentation before the planning commission. the talk about st. luke's can secure the future of st. luke's, but they only offer a events at st. luke's, and they think that
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is a future for us. st. luke's covers district 9, 10, and 11. if i can just say come if we picture in one of our family members has a heart attack. now we end up putting at risk and not just our members at risk, but although the paramedics. the driver to the ambulance and the one attending to our loved ones as they raced across town to try to get them to the hospital. it is outrageous all they can think of is offering 80 beds at st. luke's. cpmc should be rebuilt, but rebuilt the white -- the right way, not leaving us out in the cold. they should make sure they know that they need to take care of st. luke's, and 80 beds is not sufficient and not enough.
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[applause] >> hello, my dear, supervisors. my name is carl kramer with the san francisco living wage coalition. i would like to open my comments from a quote from someone. our ability to make progress is directly connected to giving every family the dignity of a paycheck. these other words of our mid- year. it is inaugural address on january 8. thank you, mayor, for both of your thoughts on this subject, for having the budget town hall meetings. to involve, innovates come and invest. involving people in the political process, but also having a budget that involves the neediest people in san francisco fettered unemployed
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parents in the economy. when we have people that are working at a living wage, we create a healthier economy. that is what robert -- robert wright refers to as bottom-up economics. we have seen the trickle-down theories, and we now need to build an economy that serves the needs of the people. innovate. we need to have innovative ways of creating a path to a living wage and jobs. how can someone go from being in the welfare to work transition into a job that is a step and career ladder to a career job. the department of human resources issued a study on the work force succession that showed even in years where there was high layoffs by the city,
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more than twice as many people were retiring and leaving city employment for other reasons. we are asking the mayor and the supervisors to support legislation that would create an innovative and invest in our parents better and the welfare to work transition to bring them into entry-level city jobs. it can be done. thank you. >> good morning, mayor lee. supervisors and department heads. my name is nick wolfe, director of the visitation valley business opportunities, and our reach to merchants program. i would like to follow up a little bit on what my board member neal spoke of when he
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kicked off this town hall. i would like to make quick points about the career development area. as you know, at the dissolution of redevelopment and the lack of an owner participation agreement in place has meant there are no enforceable obligations to the continued revitalization of that property and the legal and bay shore commercial kroger recorder. i have two questions with regard to that. the first, i am wondering how we can get the city of san francisco, whether it is through the planning department or the office of economic development to appoint a project manager to get them to continue to be the liaison between the developer and this city and community,
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which is overwhelmingly supportive of the redevelopment project, unlike projects elsewhere. additionally, i am curious as to the strategy the mayor's office has for the continued revitalization of the leland bayshore commercial corridor. i will leave you with those questions. thank you. [applause] >> good morning, supervisors. i want to thank you all for your public service and taking the time to come to the neighborhood today. i am a resident of district 11, and i wanted to start off -- i know the creation of job opportunities is one of the number one priority is for our city if fenestration. i wanted to make sure every day people are involved in those conversations and that something that is happening in district 11. the community organizations have come together, and we have led
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conversations in our neighborhood, in-depth conversations come in spanish and english with over 220 residents and stakeholders in the district. these conversations have provided powerful narrative's, of our communities everyday struggle to raise families and survive in district 11. we would like to share the themes that came from the analysis. what is the chronic abuse of workers' rights and advocacy. the lack of opportunities to build economic asset. for folks in the neighborhood including working cooperatives. the need for cultural, the tech resources within district 11 that currently exist, none funded by the city, and the need for public policy reforms to create more job opportunities for native represents. we believe you and adults have
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the skills and talents to build a strong local economy. what we need is investment from the city, and we know that takes a partnership. we have begun partnership with the work force development, and we would like to see your support in order to bring those efforts to fruition. i believe supervisor avalos has a copy of the report he can share with you. thank you very much. [applause] >> i am a private citizen. my comment is probably not very important. several years ago there was talk about the centennial from cleveland school. construction began on the yard for the ceremony, we thought. a month later after they did that they tore up the yard and again and put oa more concrete.
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a month or so later they tore up the yard again. what they have finally done now is we do have two children playgrounds, and the building, which i hope is permanent, and the podium is there. i just do not know why all of the cost was spent. on the other hand, the city has saved money, because on persia, which is a thoroughfare, tree- lined, the cleaning day is monday, and it did not clean it any other holiday so they can save money, and i think that is very wonderful. [applause] >> good morning. i have had the great privilege of being a youth leader at out of sites used center. i serve on the youth advisory
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board. over the past year we worked on designing the first parklike in excelsior, which we finally got built, thanks to a grant that we wrote. we also work with the excelsior action group, and over spring break we were able to hire 12 high school in turn sought to help finish the designed, and also construct the parkway. it was a really great experience. i got to participate in it. we learned to use all kinds of tools, and it was great to be there on the street interacting with people and spreading the message about the project. i wanted to reiterate a point that has been made today that it is really important to continue funding youth employment and opportunities for work force development. thank you. [applause]
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>> i am a resident of visitation valley and i have raised both of my children and excelsior. i'm the executive director of san francisco clean city. we have programs that are actually growing. we recently opened the doors on phoenicia avenue. i believe there are a bunch of groups that have the capacity to create innovative -- innovative solutions to work force development. while i commend the jobs we have for the summer, i would like to draw attention to having jobs in our neighborhood that are neighborhood-serving, not to corporations. being youth centers within the existing program, doing innovative recycling programs come in doing -- it recently supervisor avalos supported us for the mission corridor with young adults. we would like to grow the programs in our neighborhood with our youth and with adults
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in our neighborhood. and also infrastructure. all over the city there are one- stops. we do not have that infrastructure in our neighborhood. i would like to bring up mclaren park like other people have. we have a 312 acre park that borders these neighborhoods that is an incredible opportunity that could be supporting programs for young people and adults. we would like to work together with the city to use the public spaces as a way to create opportunities. the bond is a big part of that because $6.5 million for 312 acres. our groups are called saved mclaren park because we have not had the investment from the city and a lot of the infrastructure. we would please like you to revisit that in this upcoming bond. thank you. [applause] >> we want everyone to give
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yourselves a hand. i think this was a very productive conversation. everyone stuck to the time and made my job easier. i think you for that as well. i believe it is back to you, mr. mayor. >> thank you. thank you. great job. thank you very much. well, there is a lot of needs out here. obviously i have taken a very detailed notes and listened very carefully. i will continue this, because some people did not have enough time to get their points across, so we welcome additional information and viewpoints that we shared. you give us a lot to work on, supervisors.
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i will say this, as i said earlier, we got cut from the state, cuts from the fed. we will have to depend upon ourselves. a lot of you are talking about where the city should make its investments. i also need you to know i will also turn around and ask companies to actually co invest with us. if they make money and create conditions for them to invest in our city, we expect them to work in partnership with us. that is why you see a lot of department's finding innovative ways to work with private companies to make money. whether they protect companies like sales force or twitter, they will make a lot of private investment moneys. we're trying to turn their attention to our needs in government, as well as the
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private sector, and investing in neighborhoods. if you can grow in the bayview, third street, they can grow with us. it is always about not just them growing, all of us growing together and to share. that is why we are having this great discussion about shared economy, because we need for sharing. that is the secret, i think, in making better government. where the money is gained, we share it and allow other people to build on the foundation. i just want to share that with you. i will say that we're not going to give up. we're not giving up. that is not going to go away. we just need, at this time, because of that elimination about redevelopment, you know how i feel about that already. we are through crying.
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half of the project is private investment. how do we match that? how do we increase more private and best bet in the development so we can get all of the benefits that so many of you have worked so hard for so many years hoping to make sure the design of leland avenue was reflected the in complementing that development. we need to get that done. you have my commitment to work with the supervisors, get that done, and make sure we do not leave a hole in the ground. we want to make sure we recognize karen, because she is child support services with us as well. [applause] she is working really hard to make sure we pay attention to all of our families. you are right. the largest number of families in these districts. there are a lot of other
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questions you have about things. we will work with you on those individual areas, but i know that i got the smartest people possible heading up all of our different agencies, and the smartest ones are here today, because they know that just being smart is not good enough. smart means working with the neighborhoods, listening and opening up not only our hands to work hard, but i have department heads that work with their minds. ultimately won hands and minds and hearts. that is what we want. hance, mines, and hearts all working with our neighborhoods. thank you very much for opening up your hearts to san francisco. we will be there with you. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor, and thank you for being here. i want to thank the residents of
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district 10 and 11 for being here. i want to thank you for your advocacy and great work, advancing our district in neighborhood, your volunteering and street cleaning and providing services for senior coming use, and families and making sure our district is better served by the city and county of san francisco. i am here to fight with you. i want to make sure we can have the best we can for san francisco. we actually have had a lot of flat funding over the years for district 10 and 11. we have done a lot of investments to make sure we can continue to work together, and we want to see those investments bear fruit this year with greater resources coming to the neighborhoods. i actually believe we just cannot expect the government to get efficient. we have to make sure we are getting more revenue for the city and county of san francisco. i have worked on that over the years. two years ago i put on the
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ballot measure to raise money for the real-estate transfer tax. it has raised $25 million per year. we helped to passed up by a community partner labour -- partnership to make sure we could pass that legislation. [applause] this year i am looking at closing a loophole on banks when they foreclose on properties. they're not paying the loophole for the real estate transfer tax. we can close that loophole. minimize foreclosures, and bring more revenue to the city and county of san francisco. we're also looking at changing the business tax as well and moving from apparel tax. i want to make sure that as we're doing that, that we are growing supply revenue for the city. taxing the highest, most profitable businesses at a higher rate to bring money to the city so we can perform the services we need to perform here
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in this part of san francisco. i want to thank you for being here. i want to work with you in advance in the district. thank you very much. [applause] >> just a second, i get across -- a chance to make closing remarks. i just want to say thank you for being a partner and investing your time in the neighborhood and investing your time in the meeting today. i think one of the key takeaways is you cannot pick apples with your back to the tree. thank you.
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